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Jordan Coaching Program 

. Duration:30m··. Price:$3,500

Jordan- 30 min. Consultation 

. Duration:30m··. Price:$200

Andrew- 1 Hour Consultation 

. Duration:1h··. Price:$350

Andrew- Due Diligence Report

. Duration:2h··. Price:$3,500

Lauren- 30 min. Consultation

. Duration:30m··. Price:$200

Jordan Podcast Interviews  

. Duration:2h··. Price:Free

Coaching Program plus Acquisitions Course Package 

. Duration:30m··. Price:$3,800

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164 reviews
  • Tammie H·

    Jordan was awesome! He came prepared and was ready to dig right through my questions!

  • Deybi·

    My session with Jordan was a great experience! He gave me the appropriate pointers I was looking for.

  • Catherine Howard·

    My session with Jordan was a great experience. He gave me pointers on what to do next in purchasing my first laundromat. He is a great person and helped me continue believing in myself during the road to ownership.

  • Raj Patel·

    Awesome course, would love another one on operational piece

  • Ryan Wolz·

    I am glad I decided to get his help! Super Helpful, Went above and beyond. Highly Recommend! Definetly will be scheduling more.

  • Joe·

    I really enjoyed my session with Jordan, it was very informative and what I needed to begin this journey.

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