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Jordan Coaching Program 

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$3,500

Jordan- 30 min. Consultation 

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$200

Andrew- 1 Hour Consultation 

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$350

Andrew- Due Diligence Report

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$3,500

Lauren- 30 min. Consultation

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$200

Jordan Podcast Interviews  

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:Free

Coaching Program plus Acquisitions Course Package 

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$3,800

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170 reviews
  • Jeimy - 809 Laundromat·

    I am new to this and Jordan made feel so comfortable. I feel like I am his friend now. Loved the experience. I love how he made sure to ask questions that was of value to the community. Such a great time!

  • Simon·

    Jordan was amazing! We accomplished so much more than I expected in only 30 minutes. I had clearly defined questions prior to the call, and Jordan answered everything clearly, and gave me some additional ideas which I had not considered previously

  • JR·

    Love working with Jordan - He s a top coach - Super knowledgeable, huge network and really enjoyable to work with him - Game changer !

  • Scott·

    Jordan was fantastic! We had a great conversation and his input was right on point. He was great at leading the discussion and making sure we got all the topics covered.

  • Amanda·

    Jordan is knowledgable, authentic, and super easy and fun to work with!

  • Nick·

    Jordan has changed the game and will continue to do so. He's communicated about the laundry industry and educated others. I'm excited to see what the future holds!

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